Every Sister, by her first Profession, is incorporated into the Congregation. Thus, the Sisters in temporary vows will be sent to local communities for a deeper experience and knowledge of the Congregation’s mission. They will participate in the community’s vision of life, apostolate, and service. The minimum duration of the Post-Novitiate is five years, the maximum seven. She will make her annual evaluation with the help of the Local Animator. She will renew her vows annually for three consecutive years and once for two years.

Along this journey, the Temporary Professed Sister must herself make efforts: to better understand the practical importance of community life in keeping with the vocation proper to their institute; to accept the reality of life and to discover within it the conditions for their personal progress; to respect others in their differences to feel personal responsibility within this same community.


That the Sisters will reach a maturation through apostolic commitment and progressive participation in ecclesial and social experiences in keeping with the institute, and taking into account the aptitudes and aspirations of the individuals.


In the programme of studies, special attention should be given to biblical, dogmatic, spiritual, and pastoral theology, and in particular, to deepening a doctrinal understanding of consecrated life and of the charism of the institute. The necessary adaptations will be made according to individuals, places, and times.


There are 4 phases of formation. Phase One: Year 1 and 2, Phase Two: Year 3 and 4, Phase Three: Year 5 and Phase Four: Year 6 – 7.